Category Bottom Description

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Category Bottom Description

Adds an additional bottom description on the Category page below the Product list. Has an option to be shown on the first page only or on all Category pagination pages.

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The extension adds custom text to the bottom of category page. This category bottom description helps you to add the text containing all the keywords for this particular category that will attract more traffic to your website and improve your website’s ranking in Search Engines. Give customers more information about the variety of products in the category and how to use them. Moreover, according to your preferences you can show category text description either on the first pagination page or all the category pagination pages.

Boost your sales

  • Persuade the customers to buy by offering them more information about the products
  • Stimulate your visitors to make a purchase faster with the additional information

Improve your website’s ranking

  • Attract visitors through keywords in the category bottom description
  • Make anchor links from the category page to ensure perfect internal linking in your store
  • Choose whether to show category bottom description text on the first pagination page or on all of them

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